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noun  – A person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.

Problem: Health care professionals and community health workers are direct observers of how policy impacts practice and service delivery and therefore are uniquely positioned and suited to influence the policy decisions that shape our health care system and their inherent inequities. Rarely are practitioners equipped with the resources, tools, and content knowledge to effectively and efficiently engage on an advocacy level and navigate the policy-making landscape.

Vision: Increased health care equity through advocacy.

Mission: Empower health care professionals and organizations to influence both systems and individual-level policy change that improves the health care equity in their community.

Target Audience:

  • Community Advocates and Health care professionals (providers, managers, staff)
Who have:
  • Internet access and video conferencing hardware (computer camera and microphone)
  • Identified policy barriers that prevent optimal service access, delivery or outcomes
  • Motivation to address at least one policy barrier to patient service delivery, access, or quality
  • Support from their institution, where necessary
ECHO Curriculum Overview: Using the ECHO model “that demonopolizes specialty knowledge and expands access to critical care and service”, Advocates Unite ECHO will demystify the policy world for participants. The program curriculum will provide participants with an overview of the legislative process, considerations for local, state, and federal policy action, and strategies and approaches to most effectively affect policy changes that will benefit patients. Keeping fidelity to the ECHO model, a case based learning format will be employed for each module to ensure real world application.
Expected Outcomes: The goal of Advocates Unite ECHO is to increase the capacity of participants to influence system change that improves a patient’s situation.  Participants will develop an advocacy “tool belt” containing knowledge, skills, and cross cutting strategies that can be applied to advance their organization’s real-world policy priorities through successful advocacy efforts. Advocates Unite ECHO training will benefit any patient population or health system by equipping participants with foundational advocacy skills that can be applied to address the barriers that drive health care inequities.

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