MY CHOICES: A Planner for Healing© is a tool built to encourage everyone to take control of your health care decisions. MY CHOICES will help you recognize and act on what you can control in our health care journey, regardless of the illness you face (yes even cancer.)

This free downloadable resource outlines either aspects of holistic health care. It is designed to be used in tandem with digital resources offered by Caring Ambassadors.

Early detection saves lives!

You’ve probably heard in a hundred times, early detection saves lives! We know it works for breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer. Science has proven lung cancer screening saves lives, too. But what does that actually mean?
Early detection saves lives means that the sooner cancer is found, the odds of successful treatment increase.

Both people who smoke and people who do NOT smoke are diagnosed with lung cancer. 

Your liver and cancer

Hepatitis C is the most common blood born viral infection in the US. An estimated 325 million people have viral hepatitis, globally. In left untreated, hepatitis C can cause cirrhosis and liver cancer.

There is a cure for hepatitis C, and it is detected by a simple blood test. There is no vaccine for hepatitis C.