Week Ending March 8, 2021

Covering Pain: Study Shows Better Way to Pay for Pain Management
“Jon Porter describes the people under his care as heroes: They fight daily battles against debilitating backache, arthritis, fibromyalgia, systemic inflammatory conditions and chronic headaches, braving unrelenting pain to care for loved ones and manage their lives. For years, these individuals fought their pain with traditional medical weapons — opioid medications, steroid injections, surgeries — bringing short-term relief and, for some, addiction, depression and anguish. Still, Porter says, they persevere in quests for respite, dignity and joy.”

7 Ways to Strengthen Your Spine
“The spine is an amazing and well-engineered machine. Comprised of 26 bones—not to mention 120-plus muscles, approximately 220 ligaments and more than 100 joints—it protects the spinal cord, keeps the body upright and allows the body to move in virtually every direction. It does all of this with gravity constantly bearing down upon it.”

Does a vegan diet lead to poorer bone health?
“The vegan diet is trending currently. How this type of diet affects health is the subject of scientific studies. In a new study from the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), the bone health of 36 vegans as well as 36 people following a mixed-food diet was determined with an ultrasound measurement of the heel bone.”

Why Are Certain Foods so Addictive?
“Are there certain foods you just can’t eat one (or one bite) of? Maybe you’ve been known to polish off a bag of chips in front of the TV, or always find yourself going back for a second slice of cake at a party.”

5 signs your body is missing key nutrients
“The body is amazing. Millions of chemical signals are sent throughout the body each day to keep you functioning normally. The body also does a great job providing you, the host, messages about your health as well. Specifically, it tells you when you might be missing something essential from your diet.”

There’s No Real Reason to Eat 3 Meals a Day
“Your weird pandemic eating habits are probably fine.”

Lack of exercise linked to depression risk amid pandemic
“Exercise has for long been recommended as a cognitive-behavioural therapy for patients of depression, yet new evidence suggests that the Covid-19 pandemic changed the nature of the relationship between physical activity and mental health.”

New discovery explains antihypertensive properties of green and black tea
“A new study from the University of California, Irvine shows that compounds in both green and black tea relax blood vessels by activating ion channel proteins in the blood vessel wall.  The discovery helps explain the antihypertensive properties of tea and could lead to the design of new blood pressure-lowering medications.”

What is COVID-19 brain fog — and how can you clear it?
“As a cognitive behavioral neurologist, I’ve been hearing from many individuals who are complaining of “brain fog” after infection with COVID-19. So I thought it was worth discussing exactly what COVID-19 brain fog is, and some things to do that might help clear it.”

Personalize Your Plate for National Nutrition Month
“Happy National Nutrition Month®! No matter what your age or life stage, Nutrition.gov has resources to help you personalize your plate with healthy choices. Build a healthy diet that meets your unique needs and preferences with these three tips:”

Acupressure Mats Are Trendy, But Are They Worth the Hype?
“Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of scientific research to back up the claims of acupressure mats, but experts have seen anecdotal evidence that suggests these mats can be a beneficial recovery tool for runners and have the potential to reduce foot injuries by increasing foot strength and stability.”

10 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy
“A year of living with the COVID-19 pandemic has left us all fatigued. Between the relentless news, having to be extra vigilant whenever we walk outside and the monotony with no end in sight, this past year has been a massive energy zapper. (And that’s for those of us lucky enough to be able to work from the relative safety of home; the exhaustion of frontline workers and those navigating the healthcare system due to COVID illness is even greater.)”

Food as Medicine: What It Means and How to Reap the Benefits
“You know your diet plays a huge role in weight and energy, and even your mood. But did you know it could help save your life, too?”