Week Ending March 22, 2021

Health & Wellness: A Dietary Approach to Supporting Immune Health
“It is undeniable that nutrition is a modifiable factor—one that you control—that affects your health in great ways. A variety of health concerns are associated with nutrition and weight, such as heart disease, diabetes and inflammatory conditions, as is overall general health.”

4 essential nutrients — are you getting enough?
“The newest dietary guidelines for Americans say that many Americans don’t get enough of four vital nutrients. Over time, a shortfall of these nutrients may affect different aspects of your health, from teeth and bones to your heart, gut, muscles, blood pressure, weight, and more.”

One Huge Side Effect of Going for More Casual Walks, Says New Study
“A new study published in the journal JAMA Network Open contains at least one alarming statistic: A quarter of all women over the age of 65 are physically incapable of walking just two or three blocks or climbing a single flight of stairs.”

A more plant-based diet may improve cardiovascular health
“Dr. David Spence has long promoted the role of a more plant-based diet in reducing risk of cardiovascular disease. While it is well known egg yolks have a high content of cholesterol, and meat contains both cholesterol and saturated fat, Dr. Spence points out that lesser-known culprits in eggs and red meat could be increasing the levels of toxic metabolites produced by the intestinal microbiome, that negatively impact cardiovascular health.”

Benefits of Bee Pollen: What Experts Need You to Know
“Bees are a blessing. They play an important ecological role as pollinators, supporting many valuable farm and garden crops, as well as wild plants. And on top of helping us grow our food, some bees make enough food of their own to share, albeit not voluntarily.”

7 Types of Tea That Can Help Take The Edge Off
“Life can get quite stressful now and then. Much of the cumulative effects of the challenges and hurdles of everyday life result in depression and anxiety. So much so that many people need some help to unwind and relax after a hectic day. Some people prefer to use yoga and physical exercises to relax, while others rely on alcoholic beverages.”

Tai Chi vs. Yoga: What To Know About These Ancient Mind-Body Practices
“Mind-body movement offers the ultimate two-for-one combo: As you work on your physical health, strengthening your muscles and balancing out your body, you also nourish your mind in a major way.”

The best core exercises for older adults
“After a long winter with lots of isolating and maybe too little physical activity, it might be time to give your core muscles more attention.”

Which Type of Water Is Right for You? Here’s How to Choose
“Water is not just water anymore. Grocery shelves are packed with a dizzying array of choices, from plain to flavored, mineral to coconut to vitamin-infused.”

If Your Daily Walk Isn’t Curing Your COVID-19 Depression, You’re Not Alone
“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought drastic changes to our day to day, especially in how often we move our bodies. But a more sedentary lifestyle can have detrimental effects on our health and minds. A recent study links decreased exercise during the pandemic to increased depression in college students.”

What’s for dinner?
“Even if you enjoy cooking, chances are you find yourself wondering what to make for dinner once in a while — especially if you’re trying to eat more healthfully. And maybe you or someone in your household avoids all animal products or follows a low-carb eating style. Perhaps you need an easy meal for a quick weeknight supper or something a little fancier for a special occasion.”

Be Well: The Value of Self-Care