Week Ending June 6, 2022

5 Elements for Creating & Maintaining Effective Treatment Plans
“Effective treatment plans for clients can be a valuable tool to help a massage therapist assist clients through their healing journey. Often in our field, we need to express to clients the need for multiple sessions to alleviate a condition or chronic pain. Treatment plans provide the “game plan” to accomplish this goal.”

In the Future, Will You Get Food by Prescription?
“Deaths related to poor diets have grown by 15% since 2010. Malnutrition now accounts for one-quarter of adult deaths worldwide each year. That includes people who don’t have enough to eat and people living with obesity.”

What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine?
“Even if you don’t yet know about the fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine, you’re probably familiar with some of its practices. Maybe you’ve had an acupuncture session, or taken turmeric for arthritis pain, or signed your kid up for a class at the local tai chi studio.”

A Beginner’s Guide To Ayurveda
“Ayurveda is one of the oldest traditional medical systems in the world, originating in India more than 3,000 years ago. With the resurging interest in integrative medicine in the U.S., Ayurveda is an increasingly popular holistic health option. While research into the scientific efficacy of various Ayurvedic treatments is ongoing, this ancient practice continues to be a well-regarded and even dominant medical system in other parts of the world, including India.”

7 Potential Health Benefits of Essential Oils
“Essential oils are bottled plant extracts. They’re made by steaming or pressing plants to trap the compounds responsible for their fragrance, according to John Hopkins Medicine. More importantly, their unique aromas have been employed in healing practices for thousands of years and may have healing properties.”

The Heart of it: Brain Health
“While we love our laptops, iPhones, and smart bands—our human brain is still the most fascinating computer out there. But our brain needs support to keep doing its thing (like sending information around the body at 268mph or managing up to 1,000 trillion neuronal connections—NBD). And that’s where brain health comes in.”

Hey, Health Coach: What Is Ecotherapy, And Does It Work?
“I’ve been reading a lot about “ecotherapy” lately. From what I gather, it just means going outside more, but I have a friend who swears it has changed her life. Is ecotherapy a real thing? Does it actually make a difference to go outside, and if so, how?”

Why do People Seek Complementary Massage Therapies for Overall Wellness?
“Modern-day healthcare also includes complementary therapies or integrative medicine. Complementary therapies are less traditional than medical treatments. Integrative medicine is a buzzword in alternative medicine that seeks to enhance health and wellness.”

New UCI-led study finds that your genetic sex determines the way your muscle “talks” to other tissues in your body
“A new University of California, Irvine-led study identifies sex-specific circuits of muscle signaling to other tissues and that the organs and processes muscle impacts are markedly different between males and females. This new discovery provides insight into how muscle functions, such as exercise, promote healthy longevity, metabolism and improve cognition.”

Coffee Drinkers, Even Those With a Sweet Tooth, Live Longer
“Coffee lovers, rejoice. Your morning ritual may lead to a longer life, and a spoonful of sugar could sweeten the deal, based on a recent study.”

Can acupuncture help neck pain?
“Acupuncture is a type of traditional Chinese medicine where a practitioner inserts needles into specific acupuncture points to promote the flow of energy. Some people use acupuncture for neck pain, and a small number of studies suggest it may help.”

5 Health Benefits of Anthocyanins
“One popular recommendation for a healthy diet is to “eat the rainbow.” This strategy highlights the importance of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables to get the nutrients you need.”

3 Blood Tests To Ask For If You Want To Track Your Longevity, From An MD
“We talk about longevity quite a lot here at mbg. (So much, in fact, that our 400th episode of the mbg podcast was dedicated to all the longevity-supporting tips we’ve learned!) Although, the concept can be a little elusive; after all, it can be pretty difficult to track your longevity progress unless, well, you stop living.”

11 Signs You Need To Nurture Your Brain + 8 Ways To Care For It
“Brain health can seem complicated. How are you supposed to tell when your brain is healthy? It’s easy to know when your digestion is off or when your skin needs attention, but what exactly are the signs that a brain needs a bit more loving?”

The best vegan sources of protein to include in your diet
“If you’ve just decided to go vegan, you’re probably wondering where to find the best vegan sources of protein. No wonder – for most people, switching to a plant-based lifestyle means completely overhauling their dietary habits. Without meat, dairy and eggs, many people may struggle to structure their diet in a way that helps them to meet their protein requirements.”

When should I schedule my exercise? The question is more important than you think
“When should I fit exercise within my daily schedule? For most, the answer depends on our family’s schedule and working hours, and perhaps on whether we’re ‘larks’ or ‘night owls’. But over the past decade, researchers have found that much more hangs on this question than these constraints. That’s because recent findings suggest that the effectiveness of exercise depends on the time of day (Exercise Time Of Day, ETOD).”