Week Ending August 29, 2022

How do strong muscles keep your brain healthy?
“We’ve often thought about muscle as a thing that exists separately from intellect—and perhaps that is even oppositional to it, one taking resources from the other.”

Thirsty? Try One of These 11 Refreshing Alternatives to Soda
“According to a study published in November 2017 in Obesity, about 61 percent of children and 50 percent of adults reported drinking soda daily in a 2013–2014 survey, compared with nearly 80 percent and 62 percent, respectively, in a 2003–2004 survey. Overall, 18,600 children ages 2 to 19 and 27,652 adults 20 years old and older were surveyed over the total time period.”

3 Breathing Exercises To Relieve Stress and Anxiety
“Pausing a few times each day to focus on your breathing can help you feel better, physically and psychologically, studies show.”

How can these popular foods benefit our health?
“Though the field of medicine continues to advance and branch out in many ways, nutritionists and health experts continue to praise the benefits of certain foods. In fact, eating healthfully has been shown to reduce the risk of obesity, cardiovascular illnesses, and even certain types of cancer.”

Complementary and Integrative Medicine
“Examples of that embrace body, mind, and spirit were presented last week. This week, complementary and integrative medicine therapies will be presented. What is considered holistic, complementary, or integrative is a fluid concept in that many of the same therapies overlap these healthcare concepts.”

“Omar, who has worked at Duke seven years, said it can be tempting to swing by Arby’s or McDonald’s for take-out instead of cooking his go-to meal of salmon at home for his wife and two daughters, ages 3 and 7.”

What Is Gua Sha? A Guide to This Traditional Chinese Medicine Wellness Practice
“Take gua sha. This practice, which involves scraping your skin with a coin, spoon, or stone until tiny red spots appear, is not only rising as a social media trend but also hails from an ancient therapeutic technique.”

4 Hidden Benefits of Holistic Treatments
“Acupuncture, massage, chiropractic care, naturopathy, and even spa treatments have their place in holistic medicine as methods of treating a whole person”

Alternative Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
“Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the protective covering of nerve cells (myelin) in the brain and spinal cord, impairing nerve signaling and causing a variety of symptoms.”

What is causing this pain in my back?
“Back pain is a common reason for absence from work and for seeking medical treatment. It can be uncomfortable and debilitating.”

The Impact of Complementary and Alternative Medicine on Insomnia: A Systematic Review
“Insomnia is characterized by difficulty in maintaining sleep and early morning awakenings. Although pharmacotherapies and psychological interventions remain essential for conventional treatment, motivational factors and interest in using complementary and alternative therapies for insomnia have developed over the last two decades.”

Is There a Connection Between Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Gout?
“Gout and multiple sclerosis (MS) might seem like very different conditions, but there is a connection between the two. Research has found that people with MS may be less susceptible to gout.”

Development of a conceptual framework of food and nutrition literacy in children
“This study aimed to develop a conceptual framework to better understand food and nutrition literacy and its dimensions and components among Iranian children.”

What’s Making You Dizzy? If You’re Older, There Could Be Lots of Reasons
“It’s a wild world, and up can certainly feel like down sometimes. But that physical sensation of dizziness? That could have any number of causes — especially as you age.”

What Counts As Exercise? 10 Daily Activities You’re Already Doing
“Only 23% of US adults meet all of the guidelines for weekly exercise, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, even though studies have found that people do understand the health benefits of working out and want to work out more.”

Diet Can Influence Mood, Behavior and More
“Researchers evaluate how our choice of diet can impact our moods and behaviors, and explain how specific diets can help manage certain neurological conditions.”