Week Ending October 10, 2022

Try These 6 Thought Exercises to Improve Your Mental Health Today
“Anxiety can stem from negative thinking or worry, which can be about circumstances, others or ourselves. One daily way of reshaping our minds is through thought exercises that may help us see our experiences in a new light.”

Time to Quit Removing Wax from Our Ears
“It can be a common habit — after a shower or getting out of the pool, grabbing a cotton-tipped swab to clean out one’s ears to help get rid of excess water, or to remove what one thinks is earwax build-up.”

Reasons to Consider Holistic Therapy for Mental Health
“Mental health awareness and treatment have changed dramatically over the last few years, with the pandemic bringing more awareness to holistic healing and the importance of the mind-body connection.”

Reshaping Health Education Leads To Growing Venture
“Transformations across all segments of the economy have been commonplace in recent years. Workers, especially in the sectors drastically hit by pandemic pressures such as education and healthcare, are in the process of a broad rethink in their approach to work-life balance and goal setting for the future.”

What is herbal medicine, and what are the benefits?
“Herbal medicines or supplements are natural compounds from plants’ leaves, bark, roots, seeds, or flowers that people can use for medicinal purposes. They may offer therapeutic benefits when people use them as complementary medicine.”

14 Conditions That Essential Oils Can Help Manage
“It’s somewhat safe to say that essential oils have surged in popularity. Essential oils are an excellent addition to your wellness toolkit, and science is backing up many claims made by the alternative medicine community touting their benefits.”

Addressing Disparities Through the Enhancing Oncology Model and the Opportunity With Medically Integrated Dispensing
“The health equity conversation has come to the fore in a significant way since the emergence of the COVID-19 virus, with subsequent focus on the treatment of patients as individuals rather than hosts of a disease.”

Yoga and meditation: what are the real health benefits?
“Both yoga and meditation have been found to produce similar benefits, helping to improve your mental and physical health in various ways.”

Daily ‘Breath Training’ May Help Lower Blood Pressure as Much as Medication—Here’s How to Do It
“Breathing deeply has long been viewed as an important part of relaxation and is often used in meditation and yoga to help relieve stress, increase oxygen levels in the blood, and benefit our overall mental and emotional well-being.”

New Guidelines Recommend Best Uses of Acupuncture, Massage, and Other Non-Drug Treatments for Cancer Pain
“Two of the world’s leading cancer organizations have released new guidelines recommending the best uses of acupuncture, hypnosis, therapeutic massage, and other nondrug remedies for cancer-related pain. The move is likely to expand health insurance coverage for these popular therapies and make them more available to patients.

The Benefits of Integrative Medicine in the Management of Chronic Pain: A Review
“Chronic pain is a debilitating condition that affects many individuals throughout their daily lives. While it is common to treat chronic pain with pharmaceutical treatments, an approach that has also shown great benefits is the use of integrative medicine, such as massage therapy, osteopathic and spinal manipulation, acupuncture, and yoga.”

Yoga, Mindfulness Could Be Powerful Tools to Manage Blood Sugar
“Yoga, meditation and other mindfulness practices may help people with type 2 diabetes lower their blood sugar — nearly to the degree that standard medications like metformin do, a new analysis suggests.”