Week Ending October 18, 2021

Feeling blue? Color your world to boost your mood
“Sometimes we express emotions with color, as in “green with envy” or “feeling blue.” I know that bright and sunny days make me feel better, and cloudy/overcast days dampen my mood.”

Decolonizing Alternative Medicine: Taking Pride in the Ayurvedic Tradition
“Aruna Bhargava first learned of the Ayurvedic tradition of her ancestors from her grandmother. Like many Indian elders, Bhargava’s grandmother kept the tradition alive by sharing its many practical day-to-day uses with her grandchildren.”

Bibliometric Analysis of Research Trends on Acupuncture for Neck Pain Treatment Over the Past 20 Years
“A bibliometric approach using network analytical methods was applied to explore the research trends on acupuncture for neck pain treatment. Publications related to acupuncture for neck pain treatment from 2000 to 2020 were retrieved from the Web of Science database.”

Integrative Approaches to Osteoarthritis
“The CDC estimates 63 million Americans have doctor-diagnosed arthritis as of 2020, with that number ramping up to 75 million by 2035.1 In a national health survey sponsored by the CDC, 27.7 percent of adults who have arthritis are also obese, 33.7 percent also have diabetes, and 36.4 percent also have heart disease. This picture looks all too familiar in our clinics across the country.”

What Is Vagus Nerve Stimulation?
“Everyone is a big bundle of nerves. No, that’s not a description of the current pervasive sense of anxiety many people in America feel these days; rather, it’s an anatomical description of how the human body is home to billions of nerve cells and structures that thread all throughout the body, carrying electrical impulses that regulate everything from breathing and body temperature to hunger and sleep.”

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Really Work for Weight Loss, Blood Pressure, and More?
“Home cooks and health nuts have pinned their hopes on many miracle foods through the years: kale, spirulina, bonemeal. One of these, apple cider vinegar (or fermented apple juice), has had remarkable staying power, with purported benefits both big and small.”

9 Tips for Healthy Lungs
“We don’t often consider the role our lungs play in keeping us strong and well. It’s only when we experience breathing problems that we begin to appreciate how hard our lungs work for us. The truth is that, like the rest of our body, our lungs require daily care and attention to function at their best.”

Common Types of Alternative Medicine
“The chances are that you’ve seen this healing therapy being used several times before. It’s been lauded for its benefits to heal painful physical symptoms. The use of sterile needles that are used to stimulate specific points all over your body dates back to ancient China.”