Week Ending January 3, 2022

“Know your status, so you can enjoy life” – Rick Kann gives test results with comfort
“Originally, Kann was looking for a way to meet new people when he became a volunteer, but said when he saw the kind of work being done at The Center it awakened a drive in him to help people. So, after retiring from a 30-year career in public education, Kann started volunteering more of his time.”

Study examines the relationship between syringe services programs and law enforcement in the state of Colorado
“Syringe Services Programs (SSPs) reduce the transmission of infectious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C through the distribution of sterile needles to people who inject drugs. These programs also provide additional health services such as overdose prevention education, HIV and Hep-C testing, and naloxone provisions.”

Know the warning signs of liver cirrhosis
“Cirrhosis is a form of severe liver disease and happens because of multiple causes. It causes scarring that slowly replaces healthy tissue. Eventually, this blocks blood flow and makes it harder for your liver to do its job.”

Adults on probation disproportionately impacted by hepatitis C
“Compared with the general population, adults on probation are disproportionately impacted by hepatitis C, but they rarely receive care, complete treatment or achieve viral suppression, according to a study.”

Health Department and Community Partners Release Plan to Eliminate Viral Hepatitis in New York City by 2030
“Plan sets forth strategies to reduce new hepatitis C infections by 90%, premature deaths among people with chronic hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis C by 65%, and health inequities related to viral hepatitis”

9 Ways to Address Hepatitis B Stigma and Discrimination [VIDEO]

Case 3: A Patient With Metastatic HCC