Week Ending May 9, 2022

Why I Recommend Hepatitis B Vaccination to All My Patients
“Each year, more than 20,000 people in the United States contract acute hepatitis B, with healthcare costs of more than a billion dollars. As many as 40% of them have complications. Hepatitis B can lead to chronic hepatitis infection and liver cancer, and 15%-25% of those infected will die prematurely of cirrhosis or liver cancer. This is needless suffering and death.”

PPI use should be limited to appropriate indications, lowest effective dose in cirrhosis
“Although proton pump inhibitors were linked with an increased risk for infection and decompensation in patients with cirrhosis, they may still be of benefit in those with prior gastrointestinal bleeding, according to published data.”

Need Hep C Treatment But Can’t Afford It? A Quick Guide
“Hepatitis C, or hep C, is a type of viral infection caused by contact with the blood of someone with the hepatitis C virus (HCV). The virus causes your liver to become inflamed, which can lead to symptoms like yellowish skin or eyes, dark pee, gray poop, and abdominal pain.”

Your Post-Treatment Hepatitis C Future: What to Expect in the Long Run
“The earlier you treat hepatitis C, the less it affects your body over time. Your liver may be able to heal itself if you receive treatment in the initial stages of the disease. There are currently many types of antiviral treatments that can cure hepatitis C in a matter of weeks, and they may lead to improved symptoms and physical and mental well-being.”

Vertical hepatitis C transmission more common than assumed, study finds
“The rate of vertical hepatitis C transmission is nearly 25% higher than commonly assumed, according to a reanalysis of data from more than 1,700 children born to mothers infected with the virus. The study also found, however, that the rate of spontaneous clearance within 5 years of birth is underestimated.”

What to Know About Treating Both Hep C and Substance Use Disorder
“Hepatitis C is a liver infection that you can pass on through contact with blood that carries the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Even though young people who inject drugs can often have the highest chance of infection, less than 5 percent of this population gets treatment for hepatitis C.”

$5M in Federal Funds to End HIV and Hepatitis C Among American Indians
“Efforts to end HIV and hepatitis C among American Indians and Alaska Natives just got a $5 million boost in new federal funding, according to an announcement on HIV.gov. The money will help achieve the goals of the national Ending the HIV Epidemic in the United States initiative and the National HIIV/AIDS Strategy.”

Hepatitis Outbreak in Children: What to Know
“The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified more than 20 severe cases in the United States, specifically in Alabama, Delaware, Illinois, New York, and North Carolina. In Wisconsin, one infant died of the disease. Of the worldwide cases, 17 have required a liver transplant.”