Week Ending May 17, 2021

Can hepatitis C be transmitted to a fetus?
“The hepatitis C virus (HCV) can transmit to a fetus during pregnancy, but the risk of this happening is low. And if the transmission occurs, the baby’s immune system may clear the virus on its own.”

Decreases in Hepatitis C Testing and Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic
“The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has disrupted healthcare services, reducing opportunities to conduct routine hepatitis C virus (HCV) antibody screening, clinical care, and treatment. Therefore, people living with undiagnosed HCV during the pandemic may later become identified at more advanced stages of the disease, leading to higher rates of morbidity and mortality rates. Further, unidentified HCV-infected individuals may continue to unknowingly transmit the virus to others.”

Direct-Acting Antivirals Effective Against HCV Following Liver Transplant Surgery
“A regimen of direct-acting antiviral (DAA) treatments is safe and efficacious against hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections following liver transplantation.”

Hepatitis C and breastfeeding: Is it safe?
“There are no documented cases of a baby contracting hepatitis C through breastfeeding. But if a person’s nipples are bleeding or cracked while they breastfeed, it may be possible to transmit the hepatitis C virus (HCV).”

Nursing practice is associated with high risk for hepatitis C virus infection
“Nurses and other healthcare workers are at high risk of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection because of their inherently increased chances of exposure to HCV-infected blood through a needlestick or other sharps injury, which is associated with an approximately 1.8% (0-7%) risk of HCV acquisition (1). One study on the occupational transmission of HCV among healthcare workers reported that the risk ranged from 0% to 10% (2). Herein, we present the findings of an observational study describing the characteristics of cancer patients with chronic HCV whose occupation was healthcare worker.”

The Connection Between Hep C and Lymphoma
“Hepatitis C, sometimes called HCV or hep C, is a chronic condition that attacks the liver and causes liver inflammation. It spreads when someone comes into contact with the blood of a person who has hep C.”

Protecting yourself from hepatitis
“Millions of Americans are living with viral hepatitis, but many do not know they are infected. Learn what you can do to protect yourself.”