Week Ending July 26, 2021

Blood Glucose and Renal Function Evaluation in Patients with Viral Hepatitis
“The prevalence of hyperglycemia/DM and renal disease was significantly higher in the VH group, especially in the HCV subgroup. The prevalence of renal disease was significantly higher in patients with VH with eAG(GA) ≥ 200 mg/dL.”

Hepatitis C Vaccine Expected in Five Years
“A protective vaccine against infection with hepatitis C could be in use within 5 years, says Professor Sir Michael Houghton, who co-won the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology and discovered the hepatitis C virus (HCV) in 1989.”

Breaking Down Barriers to Hep C Treatment
“A SNEAKY, SILENT killer, hepatitis C is a viral infection that often shows no signs or symptoms. And because most people don’t know they have it, the virus can linger in your system for decades—until complications crop up, potentially causing cirrhosis (scarring) or liver cancer.”

8 Things You Should Know About Hepatitis C
“Electron micrograph of hepatitis C virus purified from cell culture. The scale bar is 50 nanometers. Credit: Rockefeller University Hepatitis C Research Center.”

Integrated Treatment Improves Uptake of Hepatitis C Therapy for People Who Use Drugs
“Integrating treatment for hepatitis C with management of substance use disorders improved treatment uptake and achievement of a cure in people who inject drugs, according to findings published in PLOS Medicine.”

What to Know About Hepatitis – its Treatment, and Prevention
“The liver’s primary function is to filter out toxic substances from your blood and to produce the essential proteins that allow the body to function.”

CDC Updates STI Diagnosis, Treatment Guidelines
“The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday issued an update to its guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, including new recommendations for diagnostic testing in certain infections.”

Hepatitis Can’t Wait 2021: Prevention And Treatment
“According to the World Health Organization, 325 million people globally live with a hepatitis infection and 900,000 deaths per year are caused by hepatitis B virus infection.”

An Overview of Hepatocellular Carcinoma