Week Ending December 6, 2021

‘Origami’ diagnostic test could help hepatitis C treatment
“A new test for hepatitis C which uses origami-style folded paper to deliver fast, accurate and affordable diagnoses could help the global fight against the deadly virus.”

What to Know About Liver Disease and COVID-19
“If you’re living with liver disease during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have many questions about whether you are more susceptible to the disease, if it might be more severe, and how it might alter your current treatment.”

FDA Approves 3-Antigen Hepatitis B Vaccine
“The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the recombinant (PreHevbrio) hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccine for the prevention of infections caused by all the known subtypes of HBV in adults 18 years and older.”

Many young people with HCV remained untreated in 2019
“In 2019, only 32% of children and youth who had tested positive for hepatitis C in British Columbia, Canada, had initiated treatment, according to data presented at The Liver Meeting Digital Experience.”

California Mandates That Hepatitis B and C Screenings Must Be Offered
“A new law in California requires health care facilities to offer adult clients free screenings for hepatitis B and hepatitis C, both of which cause inflammation of the liver and can lead to cancer, the need for a liver transplant and death. The law also requires that care and treatment be provided for those who test positive.”

Rapid treatment model improves HCV care in injection drug users
“A simplified, rapid treatment model for hepatitis C virus improved cure rates and the cascade of care among young people who inject drugs, according to a recent study.”

New York City Opens First Supervised Injection Sites in U.S.
“On November 30, New York City won the years-long race to open the first government-sanctioned supervised injection facilities in the United States. During their first few days in operation, staff at the two new sites have already reversed several drug overdoses.”