Hypnosis & Imagery

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Hypnotic techniques promote a state of relaxation to achieve a desired clinical outcome. The hypnotic state may be self-induced or induced by another.

Hypnosis practices include three phases: presuggestion to promote relaxation, suggestion to promote desired therapeutic goal and postsuggestion to integrate the suggestion. The presuggestion component may include imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, or any other technique to promote muscle relaxation. During the hypnotic, a suggestion is offered such as decreased craving for nicotine or experience less pain postoperatively postsuggestion phase involves incorporating the suggestion into one’s life.

Imagery is frequently thought of as closing one’s eyes and seeing a desired image. Effective imagery actually uses a combination of senses. The image is more powerful and easy to create, if it is moving and involves other senses (e.g., the smell of pine trees, the feel of warm sun and a cool breeze on the skin, or the sound of a bubbling brook). Preferred imagery is a personal choice.

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