Well-Being & Long Term Disease

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You may have heard of a concept called the “95/5 rule.”

According to this rule, 95 percent of people are good and do their best to live life in a positive, supportive way. The remaining 5 percent do not. When we pay inordinate attention to the minority, we diminish the good of the majority and disempower ourselves.

The same holds true for practitioners caring for persons with long-term disease. Although there are great differences of opinion on the optimal course of treatment, most are trying very hard to do their best for their patients; a small portion is not. While we can learn from each other’s experiences, it’s up to each of us to deal with the caregivers we encounter on our respective journeys.

Western medicines are often studied against the placebo effect. As you’re probably aware, the placebo effect is the actuality that a particular treatment works because you believe it will work, and therefore, contributes to your healing. Well, if what we want to do is heal ourselves of a long-term disease, it only makes sense we would do whatever we can to enhance this placebo effect and make it more powerful. We can tell ourselves that a pill or herb will be effective and visualize it working in our bodies.

Throughout your journey, you may be told that a particular treatment was only beneficial because of your mind. That may be true. Regardless, a healthy response to such a suggestion is, “So what? It’s about healing!”

Along your journey, there will be many calls that you will have to make and actions you will have to take for yourself. Regardless of the path you choose, western medicine providors will be a constant part of your care equation for however long you are dealing with your long-term disease. In all likelihood, you will work with skilled and sensitive practitioners who understand your choices and offer guidance within that framework that you have designed. Unfortunately, you will also probably encounter physicians who will not support your course of action and who are not interested in the potential you see in an integrative approach. And finally, you may even encounter a few medical professionals whose manner will leave you feeling depersonalized and devalued.

How you choose to process these experiences is up to you.

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