Necessary Caution for All Compounds

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Western doctors consider any compound that is ingested to improve health or fight disease to be a drug.

The distinction between so-called natural compounds and those that are manufactured is often an artificial one.

Many manufactured drugs are derived from natural sources by taking extracts from plants, living organisms, or other naturally occurring materials. Other manufactured drugs are exact copies of naturally occurring compounds.

Any manufactured drug can have uncomfortable, even sometimes dangerous, side effects. The same holds true for natural drugs. Western doctors consider it wise to regard anything we take into our bodies as potentially dangerous. They look for evidence-based proof not only that a drug is effective, but also that it has been adequately studied to be certain that it is not harmful.

The FDA requires documentation of both safety and usefulness for each newly approved drug. However, the FDA does not evaluate or regulate natural additives, herbal therapies, or dietary supplements. Therefore, you must read the advertisements for such products carefully.

The phrase, “meets all FDA guidelines” does not mean a substance is FDA approved. In fact, the FDA has no guidelines for the use of natural additives, herbal therapies, or dietary supplements.