Contemplating Change

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“I spend my day trying to convince people to stop killing themselves, most people fight me all the way.”            — Rob Gleser, MD

Change is hard.

You’ve established goals, or at least thought about them. But oftentimes, when it comes to taking the first step in making changes…we hesitate. To proactively take control of all aspects of your healthcare when faced with long-term illness, change is necessary. The downside is that change is hard, and uncomfortable, and often even scary.

“What are you scared of?” Opening this line of inquiry can help get to the core of what roadblocks an individual is putting in their way.

Does what you eat define who you are? Does trying different methods define who you are? Ask yourself these questions and try to figure out what you are holding onto—is it more important to you than your health? You’ve probably heard people say that they’d rather die than cut down on beer or steak or sweets or something else that they enjoy. If you find yourself making similar statements, to take a moment and examine where your priorities lie.


In the end, the root fear often comes down to a very common anxiety about change. This is about change, and change can be scary—but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth giving it a chance.

Start Small

You don’t need to make big, overwhelming changes to improve your health. Start with small, manageable steps that you will be more likely to follow and enjoy. You may very soon find out that even small changes to your health plan can make a marked difference in how you feel. And by taking more small steps to improve your holistic health, you’ll increase your confidence in your ability to make even more changes and keep moving forward.