Making Choices

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When confronted with a diagnosis of a long-term illness or challenging health condition, you may feel as though something else has suddenly taken control of your journey through life. Perhaps your doctor has already discussed treatment options with you: prescription medications, surgeries, or other treatments that may help offset disease symptoms or have some effect on slowing disease progression. Perhaps you feel powerless and have begun to wonder if you have any say in the choices that lay ahead and the outcomes you can expect.

You do.

Through the choices you make in the journey ahead, you have the power to tip the scales in the favor of health, well-being, and healing. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. By making healthy, personalized choices regarding your lifestyle, well-being, support network, treatment options, and other aspects of holistic health and well-being, you can give yourself every opportunity to be successful on your healing journey.

Your doctor may have told you that a particular medication is X% effective in achieving a particular outcome. These numbers come from large, clinical trials (and are likely also influenced by your doctor’s experience with her patients). Clinical trials, while scientifically rigorous and necessary to analyze when making treatment decisions, often do not take into account individual lifestyle differences between study participants. Ask yourself: who are the people who achieve the best outcomes in these trials, and what accounts for their success? Could it be that they are the ones who try to consciously reduce stress in their lives? Eat a healthy, nourishing diet full of whole foods and low in processed junk food? Surround themselves with others who love and support them on every step of their journey? Live a life a purpose, despite their diagnosis?

The Caring Ambassadors Program encourages you to give yourself every opportunity to be successful on your healing journey by making choices that will empower you to take control of your healthcare decisions…and your future. My Journey, My Choices is based on Caring Ambassador’s promotion of western medicine (your primary care doctor or specialist) as a necessary and first stop in the management of a long-term illness. But western medicine is only one aspect of healthcare. To sufficiently promote healing, you can support and enhance the power of western medicine and your body’s capacity to heal by also practicing healthy behaviors, lifestyle modifications, and complementary therapies (in consultation with your doctor).

Remember, this is your JOURNEY; these are your CHOICES. Healing is possible; how you achieve it is up to you.

Learn more about the eight elements of healthcare that Nourish Your Journey, then start making the choices that will help you heal.