How to Take an Integrative Approach

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There are medical doctors who, through self-designation or affiliation with a university integrative medicine clinic or training program, are recognized as integrative health practitioners.  These providers can serve as the hub in an individual’s integrative health care team and are certain to embrace an integrative and holistic approach to health. However, providers who practice in an integrative health capacity or through affiliation with an integrative health center often are not covered by insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare, meaning hefty out-of-pocket expenses for patients. Additionally, most patients with long-term diseases should be under the care of a medical provider who specializes in their disease area. While integrative health providers may practice in a specialty area, most provide primary care and general medicine services.

An integrative health practitioner can be a valuable addition to anyone’s health care team. However, one need not be under the care of an integrative doctor in order to successfully take an integrative approach to health. You can take an integrative approach to your health by incorporating appropriate complementary and alternative medicine practitioners and therapies, making lifestyle changes, and addressing your mental, social, and emotional needs. We’ve provided you with information on this website to help guide you through the process of exploring an integrative model of health.

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