U.S. needs to address cancer health equity to reduce mortality by 50 pct in 25 years: study
“”Achieving a 50 percent reduction in cancer mortality in 25 years will be impossible without addressing cancer health equity,” said U.S. National Cancer Institute Director Monica M. Bertagnolli.”

Initiative aims to prevent Hep C infection in marginalized groups in low-income countries
“A $31 million investment announced on Tuesday seeks to prevent hepatitis C infection among people who inject drugs and other high-risk populations in low and middle-income countries.”

Advances May Pave the Way for an HCV Vaccine
“Eliminating viral hepatitis C as a major public health threat is likely to require a vaccine, which could also save billions of dollars.”

Quantitative image-based collagen structural features predict the reversibility of hepatitis C virus-induced liver fibrosis post antiviral therapies
“The novel targeted therapeutics for hepatitis C virus (HCV) in last decade solved most of the clinical needs for this disease. However, despite antiviral therapies resulting in sustained virologic response (SVR), a challenge remains where the stage of liver fibrosis in some patients remains unchanged or even worsens, with a higher risk of cirrhosis, known as the irreversible group.”

Local health department fights hepatitis C
“SANDUSKY — The Erie County Health Department has joined the state health department in the battle against hepatitis C, a liver infection that can lead to serious illness.”

Reverse Inflammaging: Long-term Biological Age Effects of HCV Treatment
“A direct-acting antiviral medication can treat chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection (DAAs). Contrary to popular belief, not all chronic hepatitis C symptoms disappear following a sustained virologic response (SVR). Current research has linked persistent viral infections to accelerated aging as measured by the epigenetic clock.”

Central Michigan health department launches mobile services
“A “safe syringe” program at the Central Michigan District Health Department is expanding as part of an effort to reduce infectious disease and help combat overdoses.”

Russian prisoners choose war to get lifesaving drugs
“DNIPRO, Ukraine – In Russian prisons, they said they were deprived of effective treatments for their HIV. On the battlefield in Ukraine, they were offered hope, with the promise of antiviral medications if they agreed to fight.”

Florida Continues Tangle With Feds Over Importing Drugs From Canada
“Four years after Florida lawmakers passed a plan to import cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, the plan remains snarled in disputes between the state and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”