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A push to overturn a city council ordinance banning needle exchange programs in Pueblo
“PUEBLO, Colo. — Earlier this month, Pueblo City Council passed an ordinance to ban needle exchange programs in Pueblo. According to the city, voters have filed a referendum and petition to reverse this decision.”

Hepatitis C Telemedicine Integrated Into Opioid Treatment Shows Promise
“Integrating facilitated telemedicine for hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment into existing opioid treatment programs (OTPs) can lead to significant benefits, including higher cure rates, decreased drug use and fewer reinfections compared with therapy involving off-site referrals.”

A comparative study of different antiviral treatment protocols in HCV related cryoglobulinemic vasculitis
“The treatment of HCV and its sequelae are used to be predominantly based on Interferon (IFN). However, this was associated with significant adverse events as a result of its immunostimulant capabilities. Since their introduction, the directly acting antiviral drugs (DAAs), have become the standard of care to treat of HCV and its complications including mixed cryoglobulinemic vasculitis (MCV). In spite of achieving sustained viral response (SVR), there appeared many reports describing unwelcome complications such as hepatocellular and hematological malignancies as well as relapses.”

Atea Pharmaceuticals Presents New Data Showcasing Potential Best-in-Class Combination Profile of Bemnifosbuvir and Ruzasvir for Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus at EASL Congress 2024
“Presentations to Include New Antiviral Efficacy Results, Including SVR12 Data, from Lead-In Cohort of Ongoing Phase 2 HCV Trial. Data Also Highlight the High Prevalence of Pre-Existing NS5A Resistance-Associated Substitutions (RAS) Detected in HCV-infected Patients.”

The Means for Curative Hepatitis C Care are Available, But Many Still Don’t Utilize
“A newer strategic approach combined with existing treatments are together trying to reduce incidence rates and cure people of HCV, but barriers to treatment remain, and often leave people outside the continuum of care.”

Hepatitis C: thousands of people are undiagnosed – here’s what you need to know about the virus
‘Demand for hepatitis C tests has surged in the UK following the publication of the infected blood inquiry findings in May 2024. According to the BBC, “1,750 people in the UK are living with an undiagnosed hepatitis C infection after being given a transfusion with contaminated blood.” Globally, there are thousands more unknowingly living with virus.”

Why the U.S. Is Falling Behind Other Countries in Hepatitis C Treatment
“The United States currently trails several countries that are on track to eliminate hepatitis C virus (HCV) within the next decade, according to The New York Times. Fifteen countries including Egypt, Canada and Australia expect to eliminate HCV during this decade thanks to advances in HCV screening and treatment. Despite similar advancements in the United States, HCV cases remain high.”