Week Ending August 8, 2022

Exclusive: NHS to use AI to identify people at higher risk of hepatitis C
“The NHS is to use artificial intelligence to detect, screen and treat people at risk of hepatitis C under plans to eradicate the disease by 2030.”

Endocrine Disorders To Liver Damage: The Effects of Hepatitis C on Your Body
“Chronic hepatitis C is a long-lasting infection. If not treated timely then it can lead to serious health problems related to other organs, including liver damage, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Besides the liver involvement, hepatitis C also affects other organs which are considered extra-hepatic manifestations of hepatitis C.”

Dr. Rosado: Hepatitis C is curable, but half of patients don’t know they have the virus
“Within the framework of World Hepatitis C Day, medical officials gathered to discuss the challenges and achievements of the community to the attention of hundreds of Puerto Ricans who suffer from the condition, especially for the Journal of Medicine and Public Health.”

Nurse-led community testing ‘key’ to eliminating global hepatitis C threat
“The study, led by Dr Christopher Byrne and Professor John Dillon at the University of Dundee, suggested that having nurses test and treat patients for hepatitis C when they receive methadone treatment could be the key to eliminating the disease by the next decade.”

How to Identify and Treat a Hepatitis Rash
“Hepatitis C disease is an infection and inflammation of the liver due to the hepatitis C virus.1 The virus is transmitted from person to person through the blood, and people typically get the virus by sharing needles.1”

New Low-cost Device Rapidly, Accurately Detects Hepatitis C Infection
“Hepatitis C affects more than 354 million people worldwide. About 75 to 85 percent of people who have it get a long-term infection referred to as chronic Hepatitis C. Left untreated, it could lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer or liver failure. Each year, an estimated 1 million people die from this disease.”