Week Ending September 26, 2022

Let’s see about C — America’s most common viral infection
“Symptoms of hepatitis C include yellow skin or eyes, loss of appetite, stomach pain, fever, dark urine, light-colored stool, joint pain and fatigue.”

Hep C Treatment Significantly Decreases Liver Disease and Mortality
“The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for hepatitis C virus (HCV) to be eliminated by 2030. While there is no vaccine for HCV, direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) can clear the virus from the body. However, HCV treatment uptake has historically been very low among people who inject drugs (PWID).”

Non-Targeted Hepatitis C Virus Screening Helps Identify Potential Missed Cases
“In the group positive for HCV by RNA testing in the emergency department, the linkage to care was just 44.1%, compared to 67.6% for patients in outpatient clinics and 50.9% for patients in inpatient units.”

Heart attack risk increased among people with HIV and hepatitis C as they aged
“HIV and hepatitis C status associated with increased risk of heart attack, according to a study in the Journal of the American Heart Association”

HCV Not Associated With Myocarditis Risks for Young HIV Patients
“However, according to one study the risk of heart inflammation increases with age and amplifies in patients with hepatitis C (HCV) compared to patients without HCV.”

Hepatitis C symptoms you should never ignore as 50% of sufferers don’t know they have it
“Hepatitis C is a virus that infects the liver. Left untreated it can sometimes cause serious and potentially life-threatening damage to the liver over many years. Here are some of the most common symptoms to spot”