Week Ending January 10, 2022

Radon is the Leading Cause of Lung Cancer in Nonsmokers and Present in 1 in 15 Homes
“With all the talk of personal health testing these days, it’s important to test your home’s health too because a significant danger lurks in nearly one out of every 15 homes in the United States — radon. In 2019, residential radon exposure alone was estimated to have caused 84,000 deaths worldwide and the EPA has designated January as National Radon Action Month.”

COVID-19 and Lung Cancer: What We Know and Don’t Know
“Research has provided data on morbidity and mortality in patients with lung cancer and COVID-19, shown how the pandemic has disrupted lung cancer screening and clinical trials, and provided some insight into the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccination in patients with lung cancer.1-4”

FDA grants breakthrough therapy designation to telisotuzumab vedotin for lung cancer
“The FDA granted breakthrough therapy designation to telisotuzumab vedotin for treatment of certain patients with non-small cell lung cancer.”

Smoking cessation after lung cancer diagnosis linked to nearly 30% improvement in survival
“Quitting smoking at or around time of diagnosis conferred a significant survival benefit for patients with lung cancer, according to results of a meta-analysis published in Journal of Thoracic Oncology.”

Blood test helps predict who may benefit from lung cancer screening
“Prediction model with blood test significantly improves lung cancer risk assessment compared to current guidelines”

Top 5 Developments in Lung Cancer in 2021 – YouTube

Impact of the IMpower133 Trial in Small Cell Lung Cancer
“Leora Horn, MD, global clinical head for Lung Cancer and Lung Cancer Strategy at AstraZeneca, discusses the importance of the Impower133 trial (NCT02763579) trial of carboplatin plus etoposide with or without atezolizumab (Tecentriq) in patients with small cell lung cancer.”

Go2 Foundation Expert Explains Who Should Be Screened for Lung Cancer and Why
“Angela Criswell, director of quality screening and program initiatives at GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, discusses early detection and screening for lung cancer.”

While QOL Preferences Can Be Different, Lung Cancer Resources Can Match Patient Needs
“Susan Smedley, national manager of community fundraising and endurance events at GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, discusses quality of life in lung cancer, and ways patients can communicate preferences to their health care providers.”

Temple’s Healthy Chest Initiative offers lung cancer screening for early detection, better survival