Week Ending January 31, 2022

Targeting STK11 Mutations in Cancer
“STK11 mutation recently have become a biomarker and potential target of interest, especially for patients with lung cancer. Recent trials explore drugs like bemcentinib, everolimus, talazoparib, and others for potential approaches to targeting these mutations.”

Can Radiation Therapy Cure Lung Cancer?
“Radiation therapy is a common treatment for lung cancer, but can it cure the disease? There’s not a simple yes or no answer. The success rate of radiation depends on the type used, what it is being used for, the stage of the cancer, and much more.”

Navigating Cancer: What you can do to lower your risk of lung cancer
“World Cancer Day is Feb. 4, which makes this week the ideal time to talk about lung cancer and smoking.”

$2.5M grant awarded to flip the switch on lung cancer drug resistance
“UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State engineering researchers, in collaboration with University of Massachusetts investigators, recently received a five-year, $2.5 million grant from the National Cancer Institute to build, model and failure-test customizable dual-switch gene drives that convert cancer cells into a “trojan horse” to kill other cancer cells that have become drug resistant.”

UofL professor wins $6.7 million grant to investigate how metals cause lung cancer
“For nearly three decades, John Pierce Wise Sr. has investigated the connection between exposure to metals and cancer, working both in the lab and in the field, reporting significant discoveries about the effects of metals on chromosomes in lung cancer and how those effects differ in humans and in whales.”

Study uses artificial intelligence to understand lung and bronchus cancer mortality rates
“The research explores how the impact of known risk factors for lung and bronchus cancer mortality varies spatially across the U.S.”

IASLC 2022 Asia Conference on Lung Cancer
“The IASLC Asia Conference on Lung Cancer will bring participants information on the frontiers of clinical and basic research, clinical management, and multidisciplinary care. Offering an academic feast, the ACLC 2022 will also share knowledge and experience with international leaders across all fields of lung and thoracic oncology.”