Lung Cancer News
Week Ending March 22, 2021

Palliative Care Considered Beneficial, Though Infrequently Used in Lung Cancer
“Nearly two-thirds of patients with epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutation-positive lung cancer do not use palliative care, despite many having a favorable opinion of it, according to the results of a patient-centered survey study presented at the 2020 World Conference on Lung Cancer in Singapore.”

Early Screening Gave Jeffrey Campbell a Chance to Cure His Lung Cancer
“Jeffrey Campbell of Bethlehem smoked for decades but figured lung cancer wasn’t in the cards for him. “I always felt healthy,” he says. “I could outrun almost anybody.” As a problem solver at Amazon, he walks up to 19 miles per shift. “My primary care doctor said I had the healthiest sounding lungs she’d ever heard on a smoker,” Campbell says. “But every year, she also advised me to get a lung cancer screening. I never did.”

COVID-19 Pandemic Causes Apprehension for Trial Enrollment Among Patients With Cancer
“The majority of respondents in a survey study indicated that the COVID-19 pandemic made no difference in their decision to participate in an oncology clinical trial; however, the remaining respondents were more than 7 times more likely to indicate that the pandemic made them less likely to enroll in a clinical trial.”

Study Finds Many Lung Cancer Patients Do Not Know What Type They Have
“The increasing complexity of cancer treatments can create barriers to understanding diagnoses and treatments, with a new study finding that more than 10% of patients with lung cancer do not know what type they have.”

Advocating for Lung Cancer Research with the Lung Association
“Frederick Resident Heather Lohmann Advocates for More Lung Cancer Research, Early Diagnosis in Virtual meeting with MD Congress Members”