Week Ending July 11, 2022

Symptoms and Warning Signs of Lung Cancer as Perceived by Primary Healthcare Providers
“For a study, researchers sought to examine ways to improve patient help-seeking for lung cancer warning signs and symptoms from the perspective of primary healthcare practitioners and perceived impediments to patient help-seeking.”

Medicare expands coverage of lung cancer screening tool in bid to improve early detection
“The Biden administration has expanded Medicare coverage of a lung cancer screening tool that uses low dose computed tomography (LDCT) in an effort to catch cancers earlier.”

Method of Tissue Acquisition May Determine Success of Gene Sequencing in Lung Cancer
“Successful comprehensive genomic profiling of tissue samples among patients with lung cancer was more likely to occur when samples were extracted via resections vs fluid cytology, biopsy, or fine-needle aspirations.”

What happens if chemotherapy does not work?
“Doctors use chemotherapy either as a first-line treatment or in combination with others, such as surgery. If chemotherapy is ineffective, a person may need to consider other options.”

Lung cancer: Expert warns of risk factor in your home that many people are ‘unaware of’
“WHEN thinking of lung cancer, the major risk factor that comes to mind is smoking. However, an expert warns that worldwide data shows that 50 percent of women with lung cancer have never smoked, as well as 15 percent to 20 percent of men. Instead, there could be a risk factor hiding in your very home. What’s worse, many people are completely “unaware of” it.”

Frontline Treatment Approaches to Nonmetastatic CRPC

Xiuning Le, MD, PhD, Discusses Who May Benefit Most From Tepotinib in Advanced NSCLC