Week Ending July 26, 2021

A Huge Heart for Patients With Lung Cancer
“I’m nominating Katie Brown as my hero and, I’m sure, the hero for many lung cancer survivors. I was diagnosed on December 29, 2017, with small cell lung cancer.”

Roundtable Discussion: Gadgeel Leads a Discussion on the Timing for RET-Targeted Therapy in NSCLC
“According to a poll, the majority of physicians (64%) would wait for molecular testing on a patient metastatic lung adenocarcinoma. Then, upon diagnosis of RET-mutant non–small cell lung cancer, a group of oncologists explained how they would go about treatment for the patient.”

Telehealth leapt forward with COVID-19. Who was left behind?
“When Johnnett Kent learned she had lung cancer, the COVID-19 pandemic was already descending on California. Her doctor didn’t want the 49-year-old to risk her health by heading into a crowded clinic between surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.”

Emerging Therapies Expand Options in Lung Cancer
“During the past 12 months, the treatment landscape for patients with non–small cell lung cancer has expanded dramatically with FDA approvals of the first drugs directed at KRAS G12C and EGFR exon 20 mutations as well as continued progress in developing new therapies for subsets of patients with other molecularly targetable alterations and with PD-L1–high disease.”

FDA’s Rybrevant Approval ‘A Step Forward’ For Group of Patients With Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
“The FDA’s recent approval of Rybrevant marks the first targeted therapy for a certain group of patients with non-small cell lung cancer, according to an expert at NYU Langone Health’s Perlmutter Cancer Center.”

Best Practices to Define, Care for Lung Cancer
“When wondering what step to take first after learning of your cancer diagnosis, assembling the right care team and creating a treatment plan designed uniquely is important to get you on the right track. Comprehensive biomarker testing can then help identify your type of lung cancer and help move steps forward for proper care.”

The Future of Lung Cancer Precision Medicine with Dr. Andrea Mazzocchi
“The co-founder and CEO of Known Medicine dissects the art and science of how profiling biomarkers, epigenetics and the microenvironment may provide the synergy needed to revolutionize the oncologic landscape.”