Week Ending September 6, 2022

MA Researchers Create AI Algorithm to Enhance Lung Cancer Radiation Therapy
“Research from Brigham and Women’s Hospital shows that providers can save time and bandwidth on lung cancer radiation therapy with the help of a deep-learning algorithm.”

Who might better benefit from KRAS and PD-1 combos? New Mirati drug study offers a clue
“Immune checkpoint inhibitors such as anti-PD-1 therapies, which work by unleashing T cells’ anti-tumor power, have become a standard of care for non-small cell lung cancer. Targeted therapies have also served as powerful tools against cancers bearing specific genetic alterations. But resistance may develop against both types of therapies, so scientists and drugmakers have been considering pairing them up.”

Great Strides Drive Progress Toward Precision Medicine in Lung Cancer Therapy
“Disease management is moving toward holistic care of the patient in the long term.”

Sotorasib extends PFS in lung cancer subset
“Sotorasib prolonged PFS compared with standard chemotherapy for certain patients with non-small cell lung cancer, according to topline data released by the agent’s manufacturer.”

Cancer epidemiology researcher to present lecture at heath disparities conference
“Loïc Le Marchand, MD, PhD, MPH, has been awarded the 2022 AACR Distinguished Lectureship on the Science of Cancer Health Disparities.”

Study: Veracyte’s genomic lung cancer screening cuts invasive procedures in half
“Veracyte presented data from a prospective clinical utility study showing that its genomic lung cancer test reduced the number of invasive procedures by more than 50% in screening and diagnosis of the disease.”

Liquid Biopsy HIC Proteomic Testing May Aid in NSCLC Treatment Decision-Making
“In an interview with Targeted Oncology, David Oubre, MD discussed the use of liquid biopsy to identify prognostic and predictive biomarkers in patients with non–small cell lung cancer. He also explained the results and implications of the INSIGHT study.”

Uncovering a link between lung cancer and chronic pain—and a druggable pathway for both
“Scientists have uncovered a link between chronic pain and lung cancer—a link that also offers a potentially druggable pathway for both conditions, according to new research conducted in mouse models.”

Choosing Larotrectinib vs Entrectinib to Treat NTRK Fusion+ Lung Cancer
“David Hong, MD, deputy chair, Department of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics, Division of Cancer Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, explains why larotrectinib (Vitrakvi) may be chosen over other TRK inhibitors for the treatment of NTRK fusion-positive lung cancer.”