Week Ending October 11, 2021

The Myriad Ways ctDNA Analysis Using Liquid Biopsy Can Be Applied in NSCLC
“A literature review examined the many clinical applications for circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) analysis in non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and provided insight into how liquid biopsy can help avoid certain limitations presented by other ctDNA analysis methods.”

All late-stage cancer patients need access to biomarker testing
“Quite literally, biomarkers saved my life.”

What Are Lung Cancer Biomarkers?
“Lung cancer biomarkers, also known as tumor markers, are biological molecules in people with lung cancer. These biomarkers are produced by either the body or the tumor.”

How Lung Cancer Develops in People Who Have Never Smoked
“More and more people who have never smoked tobacco are developing lung cancer. A new genomic analysis revealed that an accumulation of natural mutations led to the disease.”

Cheers For A Cure! raises money for lung cancer research
“AMESBURY — Lungstrong’s Cheers For A Cure! campaign, a partnership with area restaurants to raise money for lung cancer research, has raised $6,650 so far this year.”

Racial disparities in lung cancer survival rates can be mitigated by providing equal treatment access
“Although Black lung cancer patients are more likely to die from their disease than white patients, they have better outcomes than whites when treated with immunotherapies that are now considered the best standard of care.”

Atezo-Chemo Benefit in Extensive-Stage SCLC Seen Outside Trials, Too

NRG1 Fusion–Driven Lung Cancers: Clinicopathologic Features and Response to Therapy

The Importance of Clinical Trials in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer