Week Ending October 24, 2022

From COPD to Lung Cancer: Mechanisms Linking, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prognosis
“Many studies have proved that the pathogenesis of the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer is related, and may cause and affect each other to a certain extent.”

Impact of Robotic-Assisted Thoracic Surgery on the Completion of Adjuvant Chemotherapy Following Lung Cancer Resection
“Adjuvant chemotherapy can further improve treatment outcomes following the resection of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). However, in practice, some patients are unable to tolerate all prescribed chemotherapy.”

Recap: Testing Options and Toxicity Management in NSCLC Harboring Oncogenic Driver Mutations
“Follow Gregory J. Riley, MD, PhD, vice chair of Clinical Research in the Department of Medicine at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) in New York, as he conducts Morning Rounds with the treating team and discusses patient care with Lauren Welch, MSN, NP-C, AOCNP, a nurse practitioner from Tennessee Oncology in Nashville, and genetic testing in lung cancer with Jason Chang, MD, a pathologist from MSK”

Newer Lung Cancer Treatments Offer Improved Outcomes That are a ‘Whole Other Ballgame’ for Patients, Says Expert
“An expert offers insight into the major treatment improvements over the past 20 years for early-stage and late-stage lung cancer.”

Greater Understanding of the Biology of NSCLC Propels Treatment Options Forward
“Prior to the 20th Annual Winter Lung Cancer Conference, Mark A. Socinski, MD, spoke with Targeted Therapies in Oncology about expectations for the upcoming meeting and major topics in non–small cell lung cancer.”

‘How I knew I had lung cancer’: Three survivors share their symptoms
“Chest pain, shortness of breath and a persistent cough can all be symptoms of lung cancer. But they can also be signs of other conditions, including heart problems, anemia and even a COVID-19 infection. So, how do you know when it’s time to call a doctor?”

Minorities Face Longer Waits for Vital Lung Cancer Treatment: Study
“A new study has revealed significant racial disparities in how quickly minorities with the most common form of lung cancer receive potentially lifesaving radiation therapy compared with their white counterparts.”

Patient With Lung Cancer ‘Stays One Step Ahead’ of His Rare Mutation
“A man with lung cancer shares how learning about his EGFR exon 20 insertion mutation soon after being diagnosed has allowed him to be aggressive when pursuing a cancer treatment tailored to his rare mutation.”

Inroads to Targeting HER2-Mutant Lung Cancer Begin Taking Shape
“Targeted treatment options for patients with HER2-mutant non–small cell lung cancer have been slow to reach benchmarks for approval given the limited patient populations harboring this disease characteristic.”

Immunotherapy Generates Hope for the Treatment of Small Cell Lung Cancer
“In an interview with Targeted Oncology, Gene G. Finley discussed the many wins and losses experts have seen in the small cell lung cancer space. He also explained his hopes for the future of this space.”

10: Impact of Trilaciclib on Chemotherapy-Induced Myelosuppression in Patients with ES-SCLCn