Week Ending March 29, 2021

National Nutrition Month: Healthy eating guidelines
“National Nutrition Month is an educational campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. During the month of March, individuals are encouraged to make informed food choices and develop healthy lifestyle habits.”

What You Should Know About Spirulina Benefits, Nutrition, and More
“It’s a tiny spiral-shaped type of cyanobacteria that’s found naturally in some freshwater ponds and saltwater lakes, says Sharon Palmer, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Ojai, California, and author of California Vegan. It can also be grown in man-made lakes and in labs. From there, it is harvested and freeze-dried.”

Online mindfulness may improve mental health during COVID-19 pandemic
“The fear, anxiety and stress associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on mental health. But a new study suggests these symptoms may be alleviated through safe and convenient online mindfulness practices.”

The Most Dangerous Ingredients in Energy Drinks, According to Dietitians
“The couch is sweetly singing “nap time,” but the day is young, and you have so much to do. So, you reach for an energy drink to get you through the next couple of hours. While these caffeine-jacked products keep you alert and “improve cognitive performance” (which manufacturers claim, but studies have debunked) they contain a cocktail of ingredients, some of which you may never have come across.”

Activity is good. Varied activity is better
“The recommendations are clear: physical activity is good for mental health. But it also depends on how varied it is. That’s what a new study by researchers at the University of Basel shows, pointing to one of the reasons why well-being suffers during the pandemic.”

Can Certain Types of Tea Really Help You Sleep?
“While there are several herbal teas marketed for their ability to help you doze off and get a sounder sleep, the evidence is mixed — largely because it can be difficult to study herbal tea intake and sleep quality in a large population over a duration of time.”

Want More Muscle? Go for the Greens
“If you want to improve your muscle function, regular helpings of leafy green vegetables might do the trick, new research suggests.”

Sustainable Food Is Good for You and the Planet
“FOOD IS PERSONAL. YET our choices have global impacts. As individuals, we may feel as if we have little control; and yet, we do. As consumers, we have the power of demand. As consumers, we also have the responsibility to be aware that our actions impact other people and our world.”

Should You Walk or Run for Exercise?
“Spring is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, and many people are looking for ways to stretch their legs, get out of the house, and maybe even burn some calories while they’re at it. We all know that regular exercise offers many physical and cognitive benefits, and more recently we’ve learned that walking might be one of the best exercises for health. But what about running? Is it like walking, only better?”