An evidence-based professional development program focused on

teacher wellness and social emotional competency

schoolgirl wearing headphones communicates via video call with an happy online teacher sitting at homeIt is time to focus on teachers needs,

prioritize their well-being, and

invest in those who are caring for our children.

Because humans are wired to share emotional experiences,

and emotions are contagious.

Young asian woman teacher teaching kids in kindergarten classroom, preschool education conceptWe set our students up to follow their teacher;

therefore, teachers must be aware of their reactions and

limitations and model mindfulness and self-care.

If teachers have not experienced the value

of self‐care, they won’t find time for it in their classroom.

It is important to give teachers

the space and time to reflect,

be present, and take care of their mental health,

emotional, and physical needs.

Airplane oxygen masks / 3D rendering, illustrationBy focusing support on teachers’ emotional, mental, and physical well-being, we amplify their capacity to place their own oxygen masks on first.

In turn, they will be able to direct their energy toward developing healthy children.