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The Wellness Center at Sewall

Community of Interest

- Nutrition

- Western Medicine

- Spirituality

- Stress Management

- Support System

- Exercise

- Complementary Medicine

- Well-being

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What is a Community of Interest?

  • A group of people interested in sharing information and discussing a particular topic that interests them.
  • Members are not necessarily experts or practitioners of the topic around which the CoI has formed.
  • The purpose of the CoI is to provide a place where people who share a common interest can go and exchange information, ask questions, and express their opinions about the topic.
  • Membership in a CoI is not dependent upon expertise – one only needs to be interested in the subject.

Welcome to the Nutrition Community of Interest! Please remember, this is a discussion group, no person is expected to be an expert.

Have fun! Share your passion and knowledge. Learn something new! Scroll top to bottom to view the entire board.

Click on the plus sign below to start. It is easy to add comments, tips, pictures, inspiration, resources, or questions. Please add your name to the bottom of the post.

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