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In Loving Memory


Christie Andrews was one of the best friends that Caring Ambassadors ever had. Both she and her young daughter were cured of hepatitis C in the late 90’s, but rather than simply putting these difficulties behind them, Christie embraced a life of advocacy for the millions of Americans still living with the disease. After being introduced to the Caring Ambassadors by Dr. Greg Everson, Christie served as an active and engaged member of our Board of Directors continuously for the past decade. In this role, Christie was integral to the expansion of the Caring Ambassadors Hepatitis C Program. She was humble and generous in so many ways. We remember her for her honesty and for the countless times she made us all laugh.

We miss you, Christie. We thank you for all that you have done for Caring Ambassadors. We feel blessed to have had you in our lives. And whenever we think of you, which will be often, we will smile.

Caring Ambassadors Program is a non-profit organization with a singular mission: to help improve the lives of those affected by challenging health conditions through advocacy, information and support.

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