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Fundraising for Caring Ambassadors

We rely on you, your friends, family, and coworkers to help the Caring Ambassadors Program continue our work.

How You Can Help

You can help the Caring Ambassadors Program to continue the community. As a public charity, we rely on your help and support to continue providing services to people living with challenging health conditions and their loved ones. Many different opportunities are available at all levels of involvement. 

Spread the Word!

It sounds simple but just talking about Caring Ambassadors Program helps! Talk about Caring Ambassadors to anyone and everyone. Word of mouth is one of the most important tools we have. If you know someone who could benefit from our resources, tools or information, please refer them to our webpage,

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Social media works best when followers interact, share and comment!

Be sure to react, comment or share any posts you see from Caring Ambassadors!

Share Your Story!

There is no right or wrong way to share. Whatever the idea, we are here to help. The goal is to find your voice, develop your story, share it with others, and raise awareness. We want to hear what you have to say, so please share with us.

In-Kind Donations!

Periodically, Caring Ambassadors needs items to offer as prizes at events and silent auctions. If you would like to offer an in-kind donation to Caring Ambassadors Program, please contact us at

Sign-up for your employer’s matching gift program to benefit Caring Ambassadors Program

Volunteers Betty and her dog at Waterfront Blues Festival


While our outreach landscape is ever changing, we love being involved in and hosting events. When we have events, we regularly need volunteers to make the magic happen! If you would like to receive updates about volunteer opportunities with Caring Ambassadors, sign up for our Volunteer contact list

People in the community working together. We need your help.

Plan a fundraiser

Fundraising is any event held to generate financial support for a charity. That’s a lot of options! Do you have an idea for an event and want to raise money in honor of a loved one? Let us know! Email us at

Host a Virtual Concert

Just because we’re living through a worldwide pandemic doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our favorite artists performing live! Are you an artist or do you know an artist that would contribute? Let’s get an evening planned!

Organize a Virtual Race

Walk-a-thons, marathons, dance-a-thons, and ride-a-thons can all be adapted and made virtual. Virtual races help support Caring Ambassadors and are a good workout at the same time. Virtual races work just like in-person racing events, but they allow participants to join in on their own.

Birthday Fundraiser

Birthday fundraisers have become big these last few years, but today they’re more relevant than ever. Have a birthday party on Zoom and collect donations for Caring Ambassadors instead of gifts. OR, create a fundraiser on Facebook. It can be in honor of a person, a birthday, a holiday, or any reason at all. Learn more here:\

Host an Online Pub Quiz and fundraiser

Invite your friends to grab their favorite drink and pre-dinner snack and join you live for a fun online quiz. Test their skills for a donation!

Host a Virtual Game Night

A game night is one of the easiest virtual fundraisers. Games bring people together to socialize and play, making them ideal for fundraising in a time of social distancing. Pictionary, Trivia, Bingo, online board games – there are several options to connect and play virtually.

You could also organize a gaming tournament – which will surely be a hit amongst many! Figure out which online game you and your friends would be most excited to play to support Caring Ambassadors Program. It should be a multiplayer game with scores, and there should be some kind of time limit, so your tournament doesn’t go on indefinitely. Some examples of games people have successfully used in tournaments are: Call of Duty, Rock Band, Mario Kart, FIFA, and Halo.

Then, once you decide on the date, time, tournament format, and what game you’ll use, you can start getting your friends registered!

 Offer a Virtual Class or Workshop

With so many pictures of food posted online, it’s not a big leap to offer a cooking class. Put on an apron and channel your inner Jamie Oliver. Or invite a professional to donate an hour or two of their time to a good cause and stream the class from the comfort of their home – with all the proceeds going to your cause.

If cooking is not your jam, fret not! How about yoga, meditation, exercise, knitting, a foreign language– or just about anything else? Think about what your audience would enjoy the most and go with that.

Sponsor a Virtual Coffee Break

Support Caring Ambassadors through a virtual coffee break (or a virtual happy hour) ask your employees to donate the price of their favorite drinks. A $3 oat milk iced coffee and a $9 cocktail could pay for a hepatitis C test or provide a free book to a someone newly diagnosed with lung cancer.