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We at the Caring Ambassadors Program are delighted to provide you with the 6th edition of Lung Cancer Choices. Through this guide, we want to convey a message of hope to everyone affected by lung cancer, including patients and their loved ones. We understand that having access to information and support is crucial in making informed healthcare decisions that align with your goals and circumstances. At Caring Ambassadors, we are dedicated to improving the overall wellness of lung cancer patients through education, information, and personal choice.

The good news is that lung cancer treatment and management options have undergone significant advancements in the past decade. With new targeted therapies and immunotherapy drugs, as well as more common testing to detect specific biomarkers, precision medicine is continually evolving. The approval of more treatment options for various types and stages of lung cancer makes it essential to understand all the available options.

We feel honored to serve the lung cancer community, and we hope that the information in this guide will assist you in making informed decisions regarding your treatment and supportive care during your journey. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who contributed to Lung Cancer Choices.

Lung Cancer Choices, 6th Edition can be a useful tool for anyone who is caring for someone with lung cancer, but its primary focus is on the patient. This book is suitable for both the newly diagnosed and those who have been living with lung cancer for some time.

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