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Hepatitis C Therapy

“Treatment is recommended for all patients with acute or chronic HCV infection, except those with a short life expectancy that cannot be remediated by HCV therapy, liver transplantation, or another directed therapy.” ~Association for the Study of Liver Disease


The days of Interferon treatment are over. Medications for hepatitis C today can be as simple as one pill a day for 8 -12 weeks with minial or no side-effects. Caring Ambassadors encourages everyone to explore their option for treatment, make a plan with your health care team, then get rid of the virus!

The  major goals of  treatment for chronic hepatitis C are:

  • eliminate the virus from the body (cure!)
  • restore normal liver function (as shown by liver-specific blood tests)
  • prevent further liver damage (shown by improvement or stabilization on the liver biopsy or other non-invasive tests)
  • improve overall health and well-being

A sustained response is defined as continued undetectable HCV in the blood 12 weeks after the completion of treatment. At this point, a person is considered cured of chronic hepatitis C.1


1.Coppola N, De PS, Pisaturo M, Paradiso L, Macera M, Capoluongo N, et alSustained virological response to antiviral treatment in chronic hepatitis C patients may be predictable by HCV-RNA clearance in peripheral blood mononuclear cells. J Clin Virol. 2013;58(4):748-750.