A new Maine law decriminalizes syringes. Advocates say it’s a major step to combat overdose deaths
“A new state law goes into effect Monday that decriminalizes the possession of hypodermic needles and other supplies. Advocates say it’s a major step forward in combating overdose deaths.
Before the law went into effect, anyone who possessed more than 10 syringes at a time faced up to 364 days in jail and as much as a $2,000 penalty. Even people who used state-certified syringe exchange or ‘service’ programs were at risk of criminal penalty.
But now, under the new law, all drug paraphernalia is decriminalized.”

Transplant research expands organ access and supports lower-income patients
“VCU Health’s Hume-Lee Transplant Center is committed to saving as many lives as possible each year. That’s no easy task amid a national organ shortage. So for several years, transplant researchers have studied a unique process that allows transplant teams to safely and effectively transplant kidneys from hepatitis C-positive deceased donors into recipients who do not have the disease. The often-stigmatized condition has an extremely low chance — just 3% — of transferring to the recipient due to Virginia Commonwealth University’s unique protocols, according to recently published research.”

Authorized generic drugs ‘insufficient’ to improve affordability in Medicare Part D
“Authorized generic drugs for insulin and direct-acting antiviral agents may lower out-of-pocket spending for patients but are unlikely to provide savings for Part D plans or Medicare, data show.”

Impact of direct acting antivirals (DAA) on neurologic disorders in chronic hepatitis C
“INTRODUCTION: Neurologic and neuropsychiatric manifestations sometimes provide the first evidence of an unknown HCV infection. These conditions develop with a variable ranging of morbidity, including: “brain fog,” fatigue, subtle cognitive and attention impairment, but also with more severe complications or acute presentation, like encephalomyelitis, encephalopathy, stroke and peripheral nerves involvement.”

Global Liver Institute Applauds Congresswoman Velázquez and Senator Duckworth for Bold Action on Liver Cancer
“Reintroduction of LIVER Act and Liver Cancer Awareness Month Resolution Give Hope to Americans Fighting One of the Deadliest Cancers”

‘Hey, it’s not a police sting.’ How a nonprofit fights addiction in and around Norwich.
“NORWICH – The scene unfolds each week on Tuesday around mid-morning, when a nondescript white van pulls into the parking lot behind the old YMCA, backing into a corner spot adjacent to the train tracks.”