People with HIV have greater risk of ill health than others after hepatitis C cure
“People with HIV who were cured of hepatitis C remained at higher risk of a number of serious health outcomes including liver disease and heart disease than people without HIV in the five years after being cured, even after controlling for liver disease stage, the AIDS Clinical Trials Group reports in the journal Open Forum Infectious Diseases.”

Hepatitis C virus screening in community pharmacies: results on feasibility from a Swiss pilot
“Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections are a public health burden worldwide and often go undetected until sequelae develop. Offering HCV screening for the different vulnerable populations in community pharmacies could help prevent further undetected HCV infections. This pilot aimed to assess the feasibility and pharmacist acceptance of HCV rapid antibody saliva testing in community pharmacies.”

Sisi announces Egypt to be totally free of Hepatitis C
“Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced that within weeks, Egypt will be totally free of Hepatitis C as certified by the World Health Organization.”

New report shows tens of thousands of Philadelphians are living with hepatitis B and C, as the city pledges to eliminate new cases by 2030
“In a new report on hepatitis B and C cases in Philadelphia, health officials say that tens of thousands of residents are living with the liver infections — and the city has pledged to eliminate new cases by 2030.”

Equal Justice Initiative launches clinic to provide care for formerly incarcerated Alabamians
“The Equal Justice Initiative has opened a free clinic in Montgomery providing primary care to Alabamians released from jail or prison. The nonprofit, known for its legal assistance to incarcerated people over the past three decades, opened the clinic earlier this year. It also plans to send a mobile clinic around the state this month as part of its expanded efforts to combat poverty in Alabama.”

Dangerous Medicine: The Story Behind Human Experiments with Hepatitis
“Does the good of the public ever outweigh individual risk? What responsibility do scientists, research sponsors and the government have for clinical study participants, particularly those from vulnerable populations?”

Liver Cirrhosis and Related Mortality Are Projected to Rise
“Deaths from liver cirrhosis are expected to rise over the next decade, but the causes of advanced liver disease are changing, according to study findings published in Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology.”

Abstinence not required: How a Baltimore drug treatment program prioritizes saving lives
“BALTIMORE (AP) — Anthony Kelly trudged through southwest Baltimore, each labored footstep a reminder of the roofing accident that left him with chronic pain and a raging opioid addiction several years after he returned home from serving in the Marines.”