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Hepatitis C Virus Clearance Cascade — United States, 2013–2022
“An analysis of the HCV clearance cascade using 2013–2022 national HCV testing data found that the prevalence of viral clearance among persons with diagnosed hepatitis C was only 34% overall and was even lower (16%) among persons aged 20–39 years with other payor (client or self-pay) insurance.”

Hepatitis C cascade of care in the direct-acting antivirals era: a meta-analysis
“65 studies comprising 7,402,185 individuals were identified. Among individuals with positive HCV RNA test results, 62% (95%CI 55%–70%) attended their first care appointment, 41% (95%CI 37%–45%) initiated treatment, 38% (95%CI 29%–48%) completed treatment, and 29% (95%CI 25%–33%) achieved cure. HCV screening rates were 43% (95%CI 22%–66%) in prisons or jails, and 20% (95%CI 11%–31%) in emergency departments (EDs). Linkage to care rates were 62% (95%CI 46%–75%) for homeless individuals and 26% (95%CI 22%–31%) for individuals diagnosed in EDs. Cure rates were 51% (95%CI 30%–73%) in individuals with substance use disorder (SUD) and 17% (95%CI 17%–17%) in homeless individuals. Cure rates were lowest in the U.S.”

Fecal Microbiota Transplant Improves Gut Health in People With Cirrhosis
“Fecal microbiota transplants (FMT) can help restore gut function, improve mucosal immunity and reduce toxic ammonia levels in people with advanced liver cirrhosis, according to research presented at the EASL Congress in Vienna.”

Substantial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the reported number of diagnosed chronic hepatitis C virus infections in the Netherlands, 2019–2021
“Reported cases of chronic HCV strongly declined during the COVID-19 pandemic when healthcare services were scaled down. Between February and June 2021, reported chronic HCV cases increased again, indicating a recovery of healthcare services. MSM showed the largest decline compared to other groups. Further research is needed to fully understand the impact of access to healthcare, health seeking behaviour, and (sexual) transmission risks of HCV during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

New findings on hepatitis C immunity could inform future vaccine development
“A new USC study that zeros in on the workings of individual T cells targeting the hepatitis C virus (HCV) has revealed insights that could assist in the development of an effective vaccine.”

Life After Hepatitis C: How Ruby Manuel Broke Free From Lifelong Trauma
“When Ruby Manuel was diagnosed with hepatitis C, she never imagined that it would lead to the life she has today. Now cured of hep C for the better part of the last decade, Ms. Manuel is an author and playwright living in Atlanta, Georgia.”

Hepatitis C cure is not reaching overwhelming majority of patients due to financial barriers
“The overwhelming majority of people in the U.S. who have tested positive for hepatitis C have not been cured due to the high cost of oral antiviral treatments and obstacles imposed by insurance plans, federal health officials said on Thursday.”