Retrospective analysis of vertical Hepatitis C exposure and infection in children in Western New York
“Screening programs on hepatitis C vertical transmission improved detection of hepatitis C among exposed children. The proportion of children born to mothers with hepatitis C in Western New York that were positive for hepatitis C was 5.2%, suggesting that similar proportion of exposed infants born before 2019 were lost for follow up.”

GPs’ mobile outreach clinic transforms Hep C treatment
“With social barriers now the main obstacle to care for many patients, the Kombi Clinic is revolutionising treatment options for vulnerable groups.”

Chronic Liver Disease Linked to Significant Risk of COVID-19 Pneumonia, Death
“Chronic liver disease is associated with an approximate 8-fold increased mortality rate from COVID-19 than the general population, according to new data.”

Ahead Of Print: Early OxyContin Marketing Linked to Infectious Disease Spread
“The initial marketing of OxyContin in 1996 increased fatal drug overdoses over the course of the opioid epidemic. However, the long-term effects of this marketing on complications of injection drug use, a key feature of the ongoing crisis, are undetermined. A new study, released ahead of print by Health Affairs, evaluated the effects of exposure to initial OxyContin marketing on the long-term trajectories of injection drug use–related outcomes in the US and found that exposure to Purdue Pharma’s OxyContin marketing in 1996 increased multiple complications, including acute hepatitis A, B, and C and infective endocarditis–related morality, as well as fatal synthetic opioid–related overdoses. More specifically, the study found that exposure to early OxyContin marketing increased average acute hepatitis B incidence rates by 0.85 cases per 100,000, acute hepatitis C incidence rates by 0.83 cases per 100,000, and infective endocarditis–related mortality by 0.62 deaths per 100,000 during 2010–20. For their analysis, the authors relied on government data.”

UPMC Second Avenue Health Center Provides Low-Barrier Care
“Nestled in Pittsburgh under the shadow of the well-travelled Liberty Bridge, Second Avenue Commons, a new 43,000-square-foot, year-round shelter, has been offering food, respite and other resources to the community since November 2022. Inside the shelter is the UPMC Second Avenue Commons Health Center, providing low-barrier primary care services to those in need.”

US Maternal Hepatitis C Infections Increased 16-Fold Since 1998
“Skyrocketing rates of HCV have aligned with the opioid epidemic—and evidence the need for universal pregnancy screenings.”

Prevalence of hepatitis C virus among patients with arthralgia: is it logic for screening?
“The prevalence of HCV was high among males who complained of arthralgia. Patients with arthralgia, especially male patients, are recommended to perform HCV screening test.”

Chimpanzee cured of hepatitis C using medicine made for humans
“For the first time, humans have repaid some of the massive debt owed to chimpanzees who have been used in clinical trials to develop drugs. Scientists at Kyoto University’s Wildlife Research Center’s Kumamoto Sanctuary have succeeded in curing a chimpanzee with hepatitis C by using a drug developed for humans.”


YOUR HEALTH: Innovative transplants
“Doctors are using not-so-perfect donor hearts to give people a second chance at living.”