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Lung Cancer and Depression: A Global Issue That Needs More Attention
– Highlighting a common mental health issue in patients from Asia to America
“The Indo-Pacific part of the world — also defined as the Western Pacific and South East Asia by the World Health Organization — accounts for 60% of the global population, and 45% of global cancer incidence.”

Leal Examines KRAS-Targeted Agents in Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer
“During a Targeted Oncology™ Case-Based Roundtable™ event, Ticiana Leal, MD, discussed the use of sotorasib and adagrasib in patients with KRAS G12C mutations in non–small cell lung cancer.”

Blood Test Can Predict Patients at Risk of Dying from Lung Cancer
“A blood test, when combined with individualized risk factors, may help predict a patient’s risk of dying from lung cancer, according to recent research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.”

Immunotherapy for “Difficult-to-Treat” Lung Cancer Improves Overall Survival for Some Patients
“A global study, led by UCLH and UCL and sponsored by Roche, has shown that the cancer immunotherapy atezolizumab significantly improved the overall survival of advanced stage non-small cell lung cancer patients who were not able to be treated with platinum-containing chemotherapy, when compared to single-agent chemotherapy.”

Lung cancer research: five advancements over the past year
“Lung cancer is the second most common cancer worldwide, with more than 2.2 million new cases of lung cancer being reported in 2020. Survival rates depend on the stage of diagnosis, and, according to statistics from Cancer Research UK, in England, more than 55% of people with stage 1 lung cancer survive for five years or more, compared to only around 5% of people with advanced, stage 4 lung cancer.”

Chemoimmunotherapy may help patients with small cell lung cancer, poorer performance status
“Chemoimmunotherapy extended PFS compared with chemotherapy for patients with extensive-stage small cell lung cancer and ECOG performance status of 2 or 3, according to retrospective study results.”

Blood Test-Based Model Accurately Predicts Lung Cancer Death Risk
“When combined with a blood test, a personalized risk model outperforms USPSTF criteria for identifying those at high risk of lung cancer mortality.”

Lung cancer cases in women ‘will overtake men for first time ever this year’
“Lung cancer diagnoses among women will eclipse men this year for the first time, according to alarming projections.”