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‘Relentless’ mom battles Stage 4 lung cancer
“A young non-smoker, Alisa Secaida was surprised to receive an advanced cancer diagnosis. Fortunately, doctors at City of Hope uncovered a rare genetic marker that made her tumor treatable.”

Lung Cancer Survival Improved Significantly Based on Early CT Screening: 20-Year Follow-Up Study Findings
“Low-dose computed tomography (CT) screening was found to significantly improve the cure rate for patients with lung cancer, according to a study led by Mount Sinai researchers.1

Scientists discover how a key protein can help stop lung cancer spreading
“Researchers have identified a protein that could slow the spread of lung cancer and lead to the development of new anti-cancer drugs.”

Research Evangelist: UC expert discusses improving accessibility to lung cancer treatments
“The University of Cincinnati Cancer Center’s Robert Van Haren, MD, recently joined the Research Evangelist podcast to discuss advancements in lung cancer care. He said while there are exciting advancements in treatments, it is important to continue to work to address disparities in accessibility to the best treatments.”

What happens during lung cancer screenings, and who should get one?
“Regular preventive screenings save lives. Their primary purpose? Catching disease in the earliest stages leads to more effective treatments, improved outcomes and better quality of life. Just as a mammogram, blood pressure check, or colonoscopy screening can be lifesaving, the same holds for annual lung cancer screenings for those who meet the criteria.”

AI Tool Flags Non-Smokers at High Risk for Lung Cancer
“To identify the 10% to 20% of lung cancers in people who have never smoked, researchers have developed an AI-deep learning too that flags non-smokers at high-risk for lung cancer from a single chest X-ray.”


Woman’s surprising cancer diagnosis an example of growing trend
“More young and middle-aged women are being diagnosed with lung cancer, now at an even higher rate than cases in men, and Palatine resident Mandy Warford is one of them. Health and Wellness Reporter Lauren Petty shares her story, and what advice Warford offers to women in the Chicago area.”

Impact of Molecular Testing on Lung Cancer Survival: Real-world Insights
“A comprehensive study on the association between the availability of molecular genotyping results and overall survival in advanced non-squamous, non-small cell lung cancer patients, shedding light on the importance of timely and concurrent testing.”