MD Anderson uses yoga in cancer treatment to help patients reduce stress and improve quality of life
“Dr. Naiyer Chadha felt wrecked after her breast cancer treatment. “Some of these medical interventions, which are absolutely lifesaving, also have difficult side effects,” she said.”

Combination of intense exercise and lack of sleep linked to cognitive decline, study finds
“We all know that exercising is important to keep your body healthy, but without adequate sleep, you might not be seeing all the benefits, according to a new study.”

More steps just a couple of times a week can improve heart health, UCLA study shows
“Taking a certain number of steps for just a few days per week can significantly improve your cardiovascular health according to a recent UCLA Health study.”

Here’s how 10 minutes of mindfulness can help make or break a family vacation
“When we dream about summer vacation, we imagine the good stuff: Warm days, cool breezes, with lots of laughter and good vibes. And time off is definitely good for our health, yet it’s not always smooth sailing.”

These Buddhist monks want their faith to be known for more than just mindfulness
“Mindfulness is mainstream. There are mindfulness retreats that will set you back thousands of dollars. Entire sections of libraries and bookstores are devoted to the subject.”