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In older adults, a little excess weight isn’t such a bad thing
“Millions of people enter later life carrying an extra 10 to 15 pounds, weight they’ve gained after having children, developing joint problems, becoming less active, or making meals the center of their social lives.”

People who cram week’s exercise into two days still reap heart benefits – study
“People who fit an entire week’s recommended exercise into a couple of days have a similarly low risk of heart disease and stroke as those who spread out their physical activity, researchers say.”

Novak Djokovic credits the TaoPatch for his success: What does the science say?
“Novak Djokovic’s Wimbleton winning streak came to an end this past weekend as he went down to defeat to a young Carlos Alcaraz. One the world’s greatest men’s tennis players, Djokovic is also an anti-vaxxer whose credulity is almost as impressive as his Grand Slam wins. This year he was observed wearing a patch on his chest that he has called “the biggest secret of his career”. The product is called a TaoPatch which is said (by the manufacturer) to “apply the principles of acupuncture to low-level laser therapy using  nanotechnology”. Let’s take a closer look to see if his undeniable tennis success could really be supported by this product.”

Yet Another Alzheimer’s Drug
“I would not have guessed that a mere week after writing about FDA approval for leqembi for Alzheimer’s disease, I would feel compelled to write about another drug that also shows incredible promise for treating the disease.”

Watching TV as a kid linked to high blood pressure and obesity as an adult: Study
“The amount of time that young people spend watching screens — instead of physical activity like sports, hikes or gardening — could be linked to health issues in adulthood, according to a new study.”

Study: Adding More Olive Oil to Your Diet May Help Reduce the Risk of Dying From Dementia

  • “Adding more olive oil to your diet could reduce the risk of dying from dementia, new research shows.
  • Replacing just one teaspoon of margarine or mayonnaise with olive oil each day was associated with an 8–14% lower risk of dementia-related death.
  • Though the study is preliminary and does not prove causation, the findings are in line with dietary recommendations of using olive oil in place of margarine or mayonnaise for a healthier diet.”

Researchers Identify Genes That Influence What You Eat
“MONDAY, July 24, 2023 (HealthDay News) — You’ve likely heard that “you are what you eat,” but a new study suggests what you eat also has something to do with who you are — genetically speaking.”

The #1 Most Important Thing To Do Before Drinking Coffee in the Morning, According to an Integrative Medicine Doc
“If you’re a coffee lover, there’s a good chance that your morning brew is the first thing you think of when you wake up. The thought of it just might be the only thing strong enough to lure you from your cozy bed. But if you drink a cup of coffee in the morning before doing anything else, you might want to rethink your morning routine. According to an integrative medicine doctor, there’s something else you’ll want to do first.”

People who eat environmentally friendly foods have 25% lower mortality risk
“Key takeaways:

  • A new diet score incorporates evidence on the impact that certain foods have on health and the environment.
  • Foods that are good for the planet were linked to lower mortality risks for CVD, cancer and more.”