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‘Doctors told me I’d die before I left school’
“”If you’re lucky, you have about two years. But you probably won’t live long enough to leave school.” Those were the words Mark Ward says he will never forget hearing from a doctor at London’s Royal Free Hospital in 1984 when he was told he had contracted HIV from contaminated blood products, used to treat his haemophilia.”

Substance use disorders are underdiagnosed and undertreated among formerly incarcerated Virginians, VCU-led study finds
“People recently released from prison experience some of the highest rates of substance use disorder, but they are also the least likely to have access to providers who can diagnose and treat their addiction. New research led by Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Population Health is shedding light on the magnitude of these health disparities in Virginia and what policies might help people receive lifesaving care.”

DAA Use Increased After State Medicaid Programs Eased HCV Treatment Restrictions
“Results published in JAMA Health Forum allude to the potential to improve access to curative HCV treatment by further loosening or eliminating such restrictions, supported by evidence of a significant increase in the number of patients treated for HCV across 32 state Medicaid programs that eased or eliminated their coverage restrictions compared to those that maintained restrictions.”

World Liver Day: Prioritizing Viral Hepatitis Screening With Comprehensive Testing
“The primary reason to screen for Hepatitis B and C infection is to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with chronic liver disease and to curtail transmission.”


Facilitated Telemedicine’s Potential for Increasing Access to HCV Treatment with Andrew Talal, MD